If you've been to our website Our Happy Pack, you know that our dogs are very special to us! They're so special that we agreed to let them have their own website so that they can tell you about themselves the way they want. We're sure that each one of them will have many more tales that they'll want to tell you in the future, so we'll be updating "A Puppy's Tale" quite often.

Website Guidelines Agreed Upon

Although we did agree that our dogs could have their own website, we wanted to set certain guidelines for them to follow when it came to the content. Knowing our dogs like we do, we realize that they are young and still learning what is acceptable in society.

We will also be monitoring their website to ensure that they're abiding by our agreed upon guidelines, but they can be quite sneaky at times.

Here are the guidelines:

  • No fighting among each other
  • No bad mouthing each other
  • No growling
  • No posting of pictures that are in bad taste
  • No topics relating to humping, poop, etc.
  • No email accounts for any of them
  • Listing their favorite websites is allowable but based on our approval
  • If in doubt, don't do it

We're pretty sure that our dogs won't place a group picture on any of their pages so we're doing that here. In order of appearance, left to right - Mike, Yuki and Nik.Our Dogs

A Little Bit about Our Dogs

This is just some information that we're pretty sure our dogs won't tell you. Each one thinks they're special, and they really are, but we think we should let you know a little about their personalities. This could come in handy while you're reading their individual pages.

  • Yuki - (female) She's a sweet dog that loves attention but she has a strange personality. I guess you could say she worries about little things (the sound of a pellet gun, strong wind gusts, thunder, etc.). She's the boss of the other two dogs and she wants it to stay that way. Her being the boss may sound strange since she reacts badly to certain sounds, but deep down, Yuki is a guard dog at heart. Yuki adores her brother Nik and she really likes Mike, but sometimes she thinks that she needs to put Mike in his place.
  • Nik - (male) He's a sweet, loveable, goofy dog that loves to play. He's got such an easy going nature - quite the opposite of his sister. He has no problem with Yuki being the boss as long as he's second in command. Nik is more tolerant of Mike's puppy attitude and will usually play with him whenever Mike wants to play, but he does have his limits. Nik looks to Yuki to decide whether he needs to go into his guard duty mode, but when it's necessary, Nik is there to back his sister up 100%.
  • Mike - (male) He's still a puppy and will be for a long time since he's less than a year old now. Mike is extremely intelligent. I'm not saying that Yuki and Nik aren't intelligent, but Mike is really, really intelligent. When we got Mike he was about 8-weeks old and, at that age, he was always looking up (trying to see what was on tables, counters, etc.). He never jumped up on anything, he just looked. Most puppies look around at their eye level - not above. You could almost see his brain working when you looked into his eyes. Mike is a sweet, gentle and fun loving puppy. Also, since he's a puppy, he's easily distracted so his attention span is kind of short and he tends to jump around in his thoughts. One problem that we've had with Mike is that he wants to be boss. He's been wanting this since he was only a few months old. Oh, I almost forgot. Mike is sneaky, real sneaky.

Our Favorite Sites

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